From curious “tech nerd” to “YouTube star” to Entrepreneur, Derrick shares his expertise from hindsight to help you avoid making the same mistakes

Meet Derrick

Derrick has always been the curious type. As a kid, this trait came out in the form of taking things apart to see how they worked. His mother’s radio, for example, became one of his first curiosity projects. An Atari controller also made the list. And when a VHS tape got stuck in the VCR, Derrick couldn’t wait to dissect the machine to see the working parts inside– retrieving the tape was an added bonus. Every curiosity project became a learning experience, and soon Derrick found that his passion for discovering how things worked also ignited a desire to teach others what he had learned.


Explaining things in a way that anyone can easily understand comes very naturally to Derrick. He’s also been known to jump at the opportunity to take on a new task without fear of failure. In fact, it’s from his own hindsights after attempting new projects that he’s able to teach others new skills while simultaneously improving his own video production skills. And now, after years of collecting hindsights from making over 80 videos for his YouTube channel, Derrick uses his expertise to help other business owners make the highest quality videos possible. Whether full service videography and production are needed, or just the latest technology and software recommendations will do the trick, Derrick helps small businesses reach a wider audience through video (and podcast) production at Hindsight 101 Media.

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