Derrick Clinton, founder of Hindsight101, has extensive experience creating videos and podcasts.


Working with Derrick and Hindsight 101 has been one of the best decisions for Rooted Blossoms, LLC. When starting my business, I had not given any serious thought to nor had any clue as to how to start utilizing and incorporating podcasting, video, social media and digital products into my business. With such ease, professionalism and depth of knowledge, Hindsight 101 stepped right in. I have not looked back since.

With Hindsight 101 right beside me assisting and guiding, I am now headed into my second season of my podcast. Also, a beautiful video has been created that truly captures the essence of Rooted Blossoms. Right now, Hindsight 101 is assisting me in developing my digital product platform. Yet, while the products are undeniable in terms of quality, the customer service is impeccable and truly stands out.

Always available to answer questions and giving recommendations to ease the nerves of a novice podcaster have been some of the qualities exhibited that make Hindsight 101 the best. I respect and have grown to fully trust the in-depth knowledge and expertise provided by Hindsight 101. 

The benefits and results of working with Hindsight 101 continue to unfold and be instrumental in the progressive growth and exposure of Rooted Blossoms.